The mind wanders
Before it goes to sleep
Anywhere it travels
Even somewhere unsafe.
Looking for answers
For questions unknown
To quench the longing
Of a deep seated silence.

It flies to what had been
It goes to what have become
It didn’t meet could have been
And regrets what was done.
It forsees the future,
And tries to recall,
Would it make a difference
If it was thinking before?

The mind remembers
What it was trying to forget
The mind lets go
Of what it was trying to control
Then off the memories
And off they go
To the eyes that reflect
The lonely soul.

It was hoping it could stop
Working its powers out
Traveling to some place
Deep down the darkest night
Cause nightmares come
They scare it out
And the fear sets in
Of losing its grip within.

Shutting down at last
The eyes half-closed
The mind awake
But wishing for a break.
And here comes sleep
Peacefully taking place
For the mind to rest
From this tiring day.

Tired of all travels
Tired of memories
Tired of revealing emotions
That went unnoticed.
The mind wanders
Some place at night
Still awake in dreams,
Again, awakened feelings.

– K