The And is an Interactive Documentary, which intended to get couples to sit face-to-face and ask questions about infidelity, sex, and more. And this one down here, is one I couldn’t just ignore.

This is a face-to-face question and answer portion about an ex-couple, Ali and Andrew, who were together for seven years and broke up two years ago. Two years had passed and I still couldn’t believe they would react this way.

Part 1:

Do you think this is a good idea? Like seriously? Past is past but hey, you see those green eyes? They tell a thousand words, they ask a thousand questions, they express a thousand feelings in a mere 7 minute video. So overwhelming. Pain, happiness, name it, you’ll feel it too.

Part 2:

And they made me cry, honestly. I don’t know if it’s because I can relate or is it because I am just betrayed by my self-control and got carried away. I feel them so much.

I love the last part. Ask anything? Good idea. And somehow, it lights up the bulb up there in my head, like I want to do this kind of thing someday.

Anyway, I just reacted to this video from this The And thingy Glamour Magazine has posted.

Finished watching it? What do you think?

– K