During free time at work, I make sure I have a book pocketed with me so I won’t bore myself to death waiting for something to do. So here’s another book that caught my heart. I only watched the movie after I read the book which, to me, is a bad idea.

The Time Traveler’s Wife
By: Audrey Niffenegger


Here’s the plot:
Clare Abshire, six, met Henry DeTamble, in his 40s, at the Meadow. Henry has a Chrono-Displacement disorder, a chromosomal problem, that allows him to time travel triggered by any kind of stress. Clare would leave clothes at the Meadow so when Henry comes, he has something to wear because unfortunately for him, he can’t carry anything with him when he time travels. They saw each other many times while Clare is growing up normally and she would encounter Henry in different ages.. until she turned 18, that was the last time he time travelled to see her before Clare, at 20, finally meets Henry, 28, who has no knowledge of what she was talking about them knowing each other since she was six.

This story talks about patience, love, and sacrifice. The pain of waiting, the pain of watching someone disappear just like that, the pain of seeing your loved ones die in front of you over and over again, the pain of knowing what will happen in the future, the pain of losing several lives because of that genetic disorder, and the pain of hopelessness while you watch things happen and can’t even do anything to twist what is destined to happen. Yet, they made it, they worked it out together because of their timeless love for each other.

To me, it felt like the past, the present and the future exist together all at once and happening in the most bizarre way wondering what K in the past is doing right now, or what K in the future looks like. Unbelievably captivating. Thumbs up to the author of the novel. 👍


I miss home. PH! I’ll be seeing you soon. 💋

– K