I was off to work this morning, weather’s a bit gloomy, the sky is cloudy and dull. I went out from the house early, was actually waiting for sunrise (normally, sunrise here in Singapore is 7am) but then an unfriendly heaven greeted me. So as I was walking, I don’t actually know why I turned my head to the opposite direction and to my surprise, the sun was already out and glowing red (sorry, it doesn’t appear really red on the picture but my eyes don’t lie).


My eyes grew wide, really wide and twinkling upon seeing it. I was happy I caught it in its uncommon look, and I also felt kinda scared because it is RED, and its roundness is very prominent it doesn’t hurt my eyes, kinda weird, I think. This is one subject my camera and my eyes love.

There, I just wanna tell you what happened this morning. Nothing fancy, only me overly loving the SUN.

– K