Tonight I hear nothing but silence,
My hair dances through the wind.
I closed my eyes.
I see you.

Tonight there’s nothing but darkness,
Memories flood my peaceful mind.
I opened my eyes.
I see you.

That messy hair
Those brown eyes.
A curve from your lips,
Clear all doubts.

Sweet embrace,
Soft hands,
Loving touch,
I’m enthralled.

Close to me, you speak
I listen and I’m weak
You held me tight
Now lost in delight

A kiss I longed
It’s here you belong
My heart is yours
I am open arms.

Flying in colors
Floating in paradise
Too much sensation
Overwhelming emotions.

A tear in my eye
Away you wipe
That sweet smile,
With joy I cry.

You were mine and I you.
Swore to not let go
With deepest love,
Our future assured.

One day, you held me loose
I grip you close
I held you tight
Still off you go.

You hovered away
I can’t catch up
I called your name
You turned your back.

I can’t move
Where my body stood.
My mind’s racing,
My heart’s dying.

Tears drown me
Fears eat me up alive
My reason to love
Far he’s gone now.

Smile, that’s your power
Smile, that’s my cover
One day if we see each other,
Smile, because it’s over.

Tonight it’s only stillness I devour,
Shadow of the past fades away.
I closed my eyes,
I see you.

Tonight I think I see a glimpse of light,
Memories go away one by one.
I opened my eyes.
I see you.