If you get to view my facebook profile or instagram account, you can say I have a bubbly type of personality, jolly and sometimes I am overly cheerful, I rarely get serious about things. What my friends and family don’t know is that I have a twitter and a tumblr account (plus this blog site I just started with) where I put all that I feel into writing (or typing for that matter). Only strangers who happen to pass by my posts see (and ignore) them.

Solitude. This is my forever friend. I love her so much that I want to be with her always. Yes. Solitude gives me happiness and peace. I wanted to be alone. Maybe because I am an introvert, or an overthinker, or maybe because I like the thought of just thinking about myself for a little while.

Silence. Physical silence for peace is what I always encounter. But inner peace? Peace of mind? Not so. They don’t see me all the time. Because once I got a chance to be alone, my mind wanders automatically no matter how hard I try to control my thinking. Where does it go? Somewhere in a place called PAST. And then I try to stop it. Then I want it to go to place called FUTURE. It stops voluntarily. I force it then to go to PRESENT. But it worries too much. So I stop thinking instead… it stops for several seconds only and then it automatically continues the cycle again. So I really never felt silent inside.

Music. I love music. I play guitar. I sing. But not so good. In tune but still, not so good. It’s my escape from reality. Pop, country songs. Sometimes, I love plain instrumental too. When I heard a good song, I download it and play it on repeat for a couple of days.

Food. I love to eat only when I have company. When I’m alone, I don’t eat so much. So friends, stay away from me for maybe like a month and I’ll get thinner than you are.

Adventure. I’d like to go some places ALONE so I can finally rest my mind and relax it a bit. But if I have company, it would be better because I will be able to divert my attention.

Movie. I watch anything except horror movies. Suspense thrillers? You have to pull me and tie me with you before you can convince me to watch some brutally scary things. And don’t forget to give me a pillow or a stuffed toy and we only have to watch during daylight.

Hobby. Taking pictures. Writing. Playing guitar and singing. Dancing when I have time. I’m doing Sambaerobics most of the time. And oh, thinking is included.

Crazy little thing called ME.