Thank you for the very nice facial treatment Shakura! I enjoyed it and I am so satisfied! πŸ˜πŸ‘

I’ve heard some facial treatments turned facial problems like they started to have bigger and numerous pimples than before because the pores were opened after the facial. So I was scared undergoing such treatment. But then I realized my face needs it. NOW. So I decided to go for a treatment anyway and made sure that I read reviews first before coming into one shop. The consultant, Josie, told me that they don’t use machine or laser, instead, they use enzymes and milk as their own treatment regimen. Okay. So there. I enjoyed the whole duration of treatment except for some minor extractions. I even fell into a light sleep while the facial mask is on! The outcome? Fabulous. Three days after the facial and there are no eruptions noted. Haha. I loved it. Two thumbs up!