Singapore’s famous Gardens by the Bay. This is my first AroundSG trip with my friends. A wonderfully plotted man-made park and forest beside Marina Bay Sands Hotel, another famous thing from SG.

Let your eyes wander around and feed them with lots of nature’s gifts, from flowers, to trees, to plants. The photo shows the dragonfly bridge connected to the tower-like lengths of “trees” called the Supertree Grove. Under these supertrees are the park and the maze-like forest. The whole garden is spacious but you will never get lost, I mean, it’s easy to find your way out because everywhere you look, directions are there. This is just one. It’s incredible to see such a beautiful place, a getaway from the noisy world of cities so you can embrace and enjoy the beauty of nature. This park is usually packed with tourists and even residents of Singapore. Why? Not only because the place is beautiful and peaceful and green. But because you can roam around the garden for free. Yes. Free.