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July 2015



Uhm, I just tried drawing myself with my sign pen when I got bored and here’s the outcome.  Hoho. Not bad for me without using a pencil, I guess. ☺




She lays at night, feeling the pain
And tears streaming down her face
If only the heart has its own mouth
It could have been screaming.

Oh, Sadness! Why do you come
With the sharpest knife of the past?
And here you are stabbing her to death
And then she bleeds forever.

How fragile can a woman’s heart be?
That you keep on breaking the broken
‘Til the pieces turn to sands of glass
And the sands carried by the wind of time.

A cut so deep she can’t bear
You left her not with only one.
A shard so sharp she can’t hold
Yet you left her with shards of hope.

She lays at night, pale and dead
From all the aches and bleeding
How can she breathe when buried alive?
And she sleeps there with a broken heart.


ExploringSG: Marina Bay Sands


And of course. What could be more exhilarating than swimming in the ever famous Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool?

I’m swimming on top of the world. That’s how it feels. I’m looking down at the city lights, skyscrapers at eye-level, God, the view is so splendid! Overwhelming! And I never imagined in my whole life that I’ll be able to get here. It was absolutely a dream come true for me. This is actually one of my many dreams, to have a taste of the well-known Infinity Pool (literally and figuratively, haha). It happened in a very unexpected way. And though I had the experience for a very short time, I can say that… IT. WAS. AWESOME. 😍


ExploringSG: Flower Dome



The gates are open wide but the doors of the houses are locked.

Flower Dome is one of the two conservatories located in the Gardens by the Bay park. As I mentioned on my first blog about the Gardens, it is free. But these domes are special that you need to pay an entrance fee before you can exhaust yourself in the beauty of what’s inside. Flowers bloom by season. And so does the dome. They change their theme depending on what flowers grow for the month and/or the season.

The whole dome is airconditioned. But from glass walls and roof, the rays of the sun still come in and emphasize the extraordinary charm of the flowers. You can actually spend the whole day with the flowers and the wonderfully schemed flower park but when 7pm comes in, it becomes packed with people because there are magical and lovely shows performed in there which makes it hard for one to go around and watch, unless you got a good spot for the show, you better stay there.

How much is the fee? It differs, but definitely its less than S$15.00. And I tell you, the price you pay is WORTH IT.


ExploringSG: Gardens by the Bay


Singapore’s famous Gardens by the Bay. This is my first AroundSG trip with my friends. A wonderfully plotted man-made park and forest beside Marina Bay Sands Hotel, another famous thing from SG.

Let your eyes wander around and feed them with lots of nature’s gifts, from flowers, to trees, to plants. The photo shows the dragonfly bridge connected to the tower-like lengths of “trees” called the Supertree Grove. Under these supertrees are the park and the maze-like forest. The whole garden is spacious but you will never get lost, I mean, it’s easy to find your way out because everywhere you look, directions are there. This is just one. It’s incredible to see such a beautiful place, a getaway from the noisy world of cities so you can embrace and enjoy the beauty of nature. This park is usually packed with tourists and even residents of Singapore. Why? Not only because the place is beautiful and peaceful and green. But because you can roam around the garden for free. Yes. Free.


Mornings ☀


Today I woke up to a beautiful morning and I realized that last night’s loathing about everything I feel seems meaningless right now because God has given me reasons to smile. What are those reasons?

1. I woke up. I am alive to,
2. See my friends-slash-housemates-slash-sistersfromdifferentmothers and join them for breakfast,
3. I know my family loves me, so,
4. I better prepare because I have to work for them, and
5. No sense being sad because I was greeted by a wonderful sunshine. That’s why,
6. I must return the favor to God by means of spreading love. 😁

Off to work. Off to care for people who needs a hand. #nurseduties


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